Welcome to Man Eaters Camp, a luxury tented camp nestled on the banks of the Tsavo River in the middle of Tsavo National Park. only 1km off the main Nairobi-Mombasa highway, Man Eaters Camp is an ideal stop over for travellers along the route, with accessibility to both Tsavo East [10km] and Tsavo West [2km] one can enjoy both parks on route to Nairobi or Mombasa. The camp is consists of 30 luxury en-suit tents with a private balcony overlooking the Tsavo River. Across the banks one can view the game coming to the river to quench their thirst from the dry heat Tsavo is so famous for.

Man Eaters camp is located a kilometre from Tsavo station, and Tsavo Bridge which became famous in Kenya's colonial history for the Man Eaters of Tsavo. In this case specifically the story of two man eating maneless lions which terrorised the local and indian railway workers during the construction of the Kenya Uganda railway, and killed up to 135 workers, inspiring many movies such as Bwana Devil and The Ghost and Darkness.

We welcome you to come and enjoy our service and hospitality in the heart of the wilderness in one of Kenya's largest National Parks, Tsavo roughly the size of Wales [UK], around 20,000 sq Km. Come and see the famous maneless lions, the descendants of the man eaters of Tsavo and the big 5 game Kenya is so famous for.

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